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Property Law.

Silvia Cebollero is the founding member of Cebollero Advocats, with over twenty-five years of experience in the legal field. She and her team offer their clients credibility, trust, rigour in the application of procedural law technique, receptiveness, creativity and a commitment to maximum efficiency. They are specialized in property, banking and financial law. They also handle unfair contract terms.

Experts in International and EU Law

The Cebollero Advocats team, with multilingual advising (in English, Spanish and Catalan), are experts in international and European Union law. European Union law may be invoked before the national courts of any Member State. International law, however, depends on the observance of international treaties established between signatory states.

Corporate Compliance

At Cebollero Advocats, always up-to-date on the latest news and changes in the laws, we strive to prevent corporate problems on the company level and resolve conflicts in an effort to avoid, whenever possible, the start of contentious judicial proceedings.


  • Especialties

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  • Property Law

    We offer comprehensive services specialized in property law, advising both citizens as well as foreign clients who wish to acquire and develop real estate in Spain.
    Our extensive knowledge on how this sector works allows us to provide expert and quality consulting in the various areas involved in real estate: realty sales, swaps, leases, marketing and construction contracts, property finance, etc.

  • Banking and Financial Law.

    Following the jurisprudential developments of recent years, banking product clients may exercise their rights before the banks. Do not hesitate to demand the annulment of abusive clauses with lawyers who are experts in banking law in Lleida and Barcelona, whether they be: victims of Banco Popular, mortgage claims, unfair contract terms including early termination, floor clauses, moratory interest, renouncement of termination benefits, multi-currency mortgages, invalid bank guarantees, revolving cards, the rights of consumers facing a foreclosure, swaps, subordinate debt, preference shares...

  • Experts in International and EU Law (I).

    European Union law, or European or Community law, is the set of laws and principles that govern how the European Union works. It is distinct from international law or the internal law of Member States.
    The European Union is an international organisation that goes beyond mere cooperation between the States comprising it, because it constitutes a project of political union. For this reason, when States ratify the Treaties of the Union in order to join this project, they are ceding competencies to the EU and its institutions in the matters included in said treaties.

  • Experts in International and EU Law (and II).

    The regulations which govern this international organisation, that is, the regulations of European law, will also apply to its Member States.
    We understand that this speciality affects the most intimate spheres of people’s lives and, frequently, in emotionally difficult moments, as in cases of international child abduction. For this reason, we offer customized services, treating our clients’ issues with particular sensitivity while offering the highest level of professionalism and efficiency in our legal consulting and guidance.

  • Family Law (I).

    Specialists in family law, contested or uncontested separation, divorce and dissolution of partnership, regulatory agreements, parenting and custody arrangements, claims for non-payment of pensions, liquidation of matrimonial property regimes, adoption and disability proceedings, filiation and paternity claims.

  • Family Law (and II).

    Our team at CEBOLLERO ADVOCATS is made up of lawyers specialized in family law who will help you find the best solution to each and every problem that affects your family circle. In addition to competent guidance and trust based on our extensive legal knowledge and experience in family law, we offer a professional service with a personal touch, as we understand that family conflicts require a high degree of specialization.

  • Eclessiastic Law.

    Ecclesiastic law includes any and all legal precepts which affect people, institutions, relationships and activities with religious social aims. In other words, it is the regulation of citizens’ religiously-based social activities, including marital annulment and other provisions of civil, labour, administrative, tax and penal law.


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Silvia Cebollero Oriach
Lawyer and Company Director

Bachelor of Law from the University of Navarra 1993. Practising lawyer since 1994. Family law specialist and member of the Spanish Association of Family Lawyers and the Catalan Society of Family Lawyers. Member of the Governing Board of the Illustrious Bar Association of Lleida from 2000 to 2004, serving as Chair of the Family Commission. She forms parts of the Association of Women Lawyers and provides legal representation for the Catalan Institute of Women.
In the company sphere, she is the administrative manager and a specialist in advising mercantile societies and small and medium-sized businesses. Insolvency practitioner.
Master of Business Administration (EAE Business School). Double degree from the UD and the UB IL3.

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Mario Prieto Blanque
Lawyer and partner at Cebollero Advocats

Bachelor of Law from the Open University of Catalonia in 2013.
Researcher and specialist in international and European law, centred on biolaw.
Professional experience in the civil, mercantile and penal areas, mainly acquired in the notary and banking fields over a total of more than five years.
PhD and Master of International Law from the University of Barcelona.

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Sara Fortuño Gil
Lawyer and partner at Cebollero Advocats

Bachelor of Law from the University of Navarra, Pamplona, in June 1993. Class XXXVII. License 1,620.
Specialized in themes of family and ecclesiastical law, as well as in the branches of civil and mercantile law.

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